MEDIU Third International Conference on Islamic Studies 2020

Under the patronage of the Executive Director of Al-Madinah International University Associate Professor Dr. Fadlan bin Muhammad Othman, the Faculty of Islamic Sciences  in collaboration with faculty of Islamic studies – the national university of Malaysia (UKM), announce to host the Third International Conference on Contemporary Islamic Studies and Emerging Issues 2020, on Tuesday, Wednesday, 29 and 30 September 2020, according to the following details

About the conference

The pandemic of Corona is a type of pandemics that have been seen in our world from time to time, and it has undoubtedly, had significant effects in all aspects of life; psychological, religious, health, political, social, economic, etc. which affects all human beings on the earth, with all their different ethnic, religious, cultural and places of residence, All nations have sought to deal with this epidemic. In terms of understanding its nature, how to deal with it? , how to address its effects? and how to benefit others with their experiences in dealing with it. The Islamic nation – with its Sharia, which is suitable for every time and place, and its scientists and researchers – is qualified to show a distinguished view in dealing with this epidemic and face its different challenges.

Al-Madinah International University (MEDIU), represented by the Faculty of Islamic sciences, provides the opportunity for scholars and scholars in Islamic studies in its various branches, and related sciences and disciplines to cooperate in the study of this epidemic, and to share their ideas on how to deal with it. Through the Third World Conference on contemporary Islamic Studies and emerging issues 2020, entitled “pandemics and diseases from the Islamic perspective,” under the slogan “toward a comprehensive Islamic vision of epidemics and diseases.”