Objectives of the Conference

The conference seeks to achieve the following:

  • Explaining the legal solutions to tackle crises.
  • Highlighting the role of social institutions and universities in facing crises.
  • Explaining the role of researchers and thinkers in managing crises, spreading awareness, and freeing societies from fear and dismay.
  • Encouraging researchers to study disasters and pandemics.
  • Explaining the psychological, social and economic effects of the contemporary issues.
  • Explaining how Islamic Jurisprudence responds to pandemics.
  • Explaining the notion of pandemics from religious perspective.
  • Explaining the effects of pandemics on Sharia law.
  • Explaining the impact of pandemics on the use of Rukhsa (relaxations of religious law).
  • Explaining the aspects of agreement and the difference between the pandemics and the effect of that on Sharia law.
  • Explaining the Muslims’ standpoint of pandemics.
  • Highlighting the role of e-learning in facing the pandemics crises.
  • Highlighting the role of the Islamic economy in mitigating the effects of pandemics.