Conference Topics

Researches are accepted in the following topics:

  • The first topic: The Quranic Methodology of Dealing with pandemics.
  • The second topic: The Sunnah Methodology of Dealing with pandemics.
  • The third topic: the history of pandemics in the Islamic nation.
  • The fourth topic: The Islamic jurisprudence effects of pandemics in all fields of Islamic jurisprudence.
  • The Fifth topic: The Role of the Maqasid al-Shari’ah in Directing Fatwas on Pandemics.
  • The sixth topic: the role of Da’wah and Usuluddin in treating diseases and pandemics.
  • The seventh topic: positive and negative Creed concepts during pandemics.
  • The eighth topic: the impact of pandemics on e-learning from an Islamic perspective.
  • The ninth topic: The outbreak of pandemics between Sharia regulations and medical precautions.
  • Other articles that fall within the scope of Islamic studies are also welcome.